Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a digital badge?

A digital badge is a version of a credential, certification, or a validated skill, which can be verified online in real time. Digital badges recognize a learning or professional achievement. Since it is digital, it can be shared across the internet for maximum visibility and recognition. Digital credentials convey other critical information as embedded metadata, such as key skills you’ve demonstrated, what was required to earn the credential, who assessed and issued the credential, and when it was earned.

How is a digital credential valuable to an earner?

Representing your skills as a digital credential gives you a way to share your abilities online in a way that is simple, trusted and can be easily verified in real time. Digital badges provide employers and peers concrete evidence of what you had to do to earn your credential and what skills and competencies it represents. An earner decides when and with whom they share their digital credentials. Badges can be shared in your email signature, on your electronic résumé, and on your LinkedIn, Facebook, and social media profiles. Each digital credential can be verified in one click with real-time authentication of your achievement and what you did to obtain it.

What kind of learning or training can be represented in a credential?

Digital credentials can represent a wide range of learning and training, including specialized courses, certifications, micro-credentials, bootcamps, workshops, and skills-based training. These credentials validate competencies in areas such as technology and cybersecurity, healthcare, construction trades, interpersonal communication, project management, and more, providing tangible proof of skills and competencies.

How does MVC work with employers?

Montana Validated Credentials partners with employers to both source and build custom trainings to address identified skills gaps, and issues digital credentials to verify and seal in evidence of the learning. Employers can also themselves become badge issuers, with co-developed and co-branded digital badges forming a series of stackable trainings that lead to advanced microcredentials. Contact us to discuss options to meet your needs.

How does an employer know the credential is valuable?

The value of digital credentials are in the validation of skills and competencies that match specific job requirements, the rigor of assessment, the credential's issuer reputation, and alignment with industry standards, where applicable. All that information is retained in the badge’s digital metadata and can be verified in one click.

How can my organization issue digital badges?

Montana Validated Credentials partners with employers, colleges, non-profits, industry associations and training providers to offer digital badges and credentialing services. We are a platform where each organization can host a sub-branded, unique website showcasing its own suite of digital credentials. MVC provides administrative and design services, allowing organizations to successfully pilot and launch their own digital credentialing programs.

What if I don’t want my digital credentials to be public?

You’re in complete control of who you share your digital credentials with, how many times you share them, and if you share them with only once or numerous times. A digital badge can be shown to some entities and hidden from others, all very easily.

What’s to keep someone else from copying my badge and using it?

While badges are simply digital image files, they are uniquely linked to data hosted in permanent blockchain format on the Canvas Credential platform. This link to verified data makes them more reliable and secure than any paper-based certificate or record. It also prevents the possibility of anyone claiming your credential and your associated identity.

Can I export badges issued from Montana Verified Credentials to other badge-storing platforms?

Yes. When you claim a digital credential you can download the badge and save the data for yourself. It cannot be altered as it contains Open Badge compliant metadata embedded into the image. An Open Badge means it can communicate with all other systems that issue and host Open Badges, which allows you to store your badge on another digital credential website. Even when your digital credential is hosted on another website or shared through social media it does not alter the embedded data in any way, that remains secured through untamperable blockchain technology.